Your New York wedding day is a truly special one for you – after all, this is the beginning of your lives together, so it’s bound to be filled with emotion and hope for the future. Of course, you want to feel excellent from the very beginning of your Big Day to the end, when you will head off into your romantic sunset and get ready to leave on your well-deserved honeymoon.

At the same time, it’s perfectly normal to want your guests to feel just as amazing too – but how do you do that, aside from providing them with great food and drinks, as well as quality entertainment? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Welcome bags. Do you have guests coming from out of town? Make sure they will be surprised by some nice welcome bags when they reach their hotels. It doesn’t have to be something ultra-expensive – but the gesture of putting together fun and useful gifts will be more than appreciated. Some things you could include here are mini bottles of champagne or good wine, natural cosmetics, and so on.
  • A list of the touristic attractions. Chances are your out of town guests will spend more than just one day for your wedding. So they will be left with plenty of spare time they’ll want to use to visit the surroundings. Make a list of fun attractions they could check out and provide them with a map and the GPS coordinates for their hotel and for the wedding ceremony site and wedding venue – they will definitely like the attention you’re putting into this!
  • Provide them with transportation. You might not be able to provide all of your guests with transportation throughout the entire wedding weekend. However, offering them rides to and from the wedding is more than welcomed. Not only will it make them feel excellent, but it will also help you make sure they’re safe (and that they don’t get lost on the way to your wedding, of course).
  • Send them Thank You notes. This may seem old-school to you, but it is still expected for brides and grooms to send Thank You notes once they return from their honeymoon. Make sure to write personalized notes – they are far more appreciated than anything else!

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