Of all seasons, summers seems to always fascinate brides and grooms. Indeed, there are many reasons that will automatically make you feel more inclined towards a summer wedding – and if your heart is already set on this, you will definitely want to make the most out of it.

What are some of the New York summer wedding trends this year? We’ve gathered them below for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Wedding gowns with capes. Want to add elegance and style to your wedding dress? Even the simplest piece will be instantly “styled up” by a dress cape. Because it’s summer outside, opt for something thin, like organza, veil, or lace – it will make you look so magically beautiful as you walk down the aisle!
  • Neon signs. Want to make your wedding feel modern, stylish, and really fun at the same time? Neon signs have the party vibe and the versatility you need – and starting this summer, they’re back in the wedding décor trends. Be creative with the way you incorporate them – they can make for excellent wedding signs and they even work wonderfully surrounded by flowers and/or greenery. Great idea indeed!
  • Snack walls. We’re more than certain you saw the doughnut wall trend at least once in these last couple of years. That is still a great idea, but if you want to upgrade it, why not use your favorite carb-infused snacks to “hang” on the wall? For instance, we bet your guests will love cream cheese bagels as a late-night snack they can munch on before returning to the dance floor!
  • Flower walls. Lush, opulent, and irresistibly beautiful, flower walls are also quite the trend this summer. They add magic and glamor to your wedding in ways you never thought were possible – and they can make for such splendid pieces of décor it’s really hard to resist the idea. Use a generous flower wall as backdrop for your wedding ceremony, or simply decorate one of your reception walls with this beautiful trend and allow guests to take photo booth pictures there. They will LOVE it!

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