Sometimes, couples feel that weddings etiquette is surrounded by a lot of mystery and confusion – and that is completely natural, given how often New York wedding rules sometimes change and how difficult it can be to make sense of it all.

For instance, are you aware of the most important things to know about wedding invitations? If not, make sure to read on, because we have gathered the essential tips all brides and grooms should keep in mind about their invitations.

  • DIY wedding invitations are not always a great idea. Making the invitations yourself will add charm and uniqueness to them, yes. But it’s not always cheaper than buying them and there’s a lot of work involved. Plus, things may not turn out as planned if you don’t have a lot of experience in this sort of DIY projects – so it’s probably best for you to actually buy the invitations.
  • Proofread them. Once your invites go into print, adjusting any kind of spelling mistake will automatically cost you more money. So, to make sure you avoid this kind of situations, remember to proofread – at least two times. It might also help asking someone you know to proofread the invitations as well.
  • Electronic invites are fine. They used to be considered tacky until not very long ago, but as long as you go for a really professional service, they can be really amazing. Not only will they look great and they will help you save the trees, but you can also add useful links to them – such as the GPS coordinates to your wedding venue, dress code tips, and so on. If you think some of your elder guests might feel offended by these electronic invitations, order a small batch of traditional ones for them.
  • Timing IS very important. Generally, invitations should be sent out about four months before the Big Day. However, if you are planning a destination wedding or if you have a lot of guests who will come a long way, it is really important to send out the invitations sooner than that (and preferably some Save the Date cards long before the wedding as well).

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