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A Day Trip To Greenport Village

At the farthest stretch of Long Island, on the northern side of where Suffolk County splits, you’ll find one of the most prized summer destinations in NY. Greenport Village has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re coming for a day or staying for awhile, this resort town will delight all of your senses.

Don’t make the trip alone. Gather some friends or family and reserve a ride in one of Broward Transportation’s luxury vehicles. No need to worry about gas, directions, or parking when you can just sit back, stretch out, relax, and enjoy the journey itself. Give yourself and your company an entire day to explore this great, historic town.

History and Culture In Greenport

One place to start your exploration is in the past. Greenport has a rich history going all the way back to 1682 when it was first settled. It became a major port, which during different periods of time thrived on fishing, oystering, whaling and ship building. You can get a glimpse of this colorful history by visiting any number of museums. The Greenport Jail and Police Museum, the 1840 School House Museum, and the Blacksmith’s Shop are all local favorites. Walking tours throughout historic Greenport are popular, as well.

Art has become a centerpiece for this town. You’ll find art galleries and studios up and down Main and Front St. Plan accordingly to enjoy the Greenport Gallery Walk every first Friday of the summer months.

Activities in Greenport Village

For some physical activity, Greenport offers hiking, boating, golf, and ice skating. You’ll also find much to do in Mitchell Park, which sits at the center of town. Tai Chi on Saturday mornings; dancing on Monday nights; a carousel ride. Nearby is a skate park and place with miniature golf.

For the leisurely types, there are beaches all along the coast, and a wide array of vineyards inland. If you’re into yacht-watching, you can stroll through any number of marinas. The Bug Lighthouse Cruise and Tour might also be a refreshing change of scenery.

Shopping & Dining

Whatever your taste; whatever your shopping needs, Greenport is an ideal place to browse. Not only is the town a scenic marvel with all its history and maritime life, but you can find all sorts of common or unique goods in all major categories of consumption. Clothing and accessories, jewelry and gifts, home and outdoor furnishings, antiques, and, of course, marine & fishing equipment.

Shopping in Greenport Village

You’ll find the same wonderful variety in restaurants. Perhaps your mood places you in view of the many marinas, in which case you may choose a Waterside eatery, and perhaps one that specializes in seafood. Or, your focus may be on savoring a meal, so you may decide on some fine dining sushi, or allow the staff at The Frisky Oyster to take care of you.

Greenport Village could also lore you with quick bites or American fare, if you’re not looking for anything fancy. If the evening is more about socializing or cutting loose, you may consider Whiskey Wind Tavern, Lucharitos Taqueria & Tequila Bar, or Kate’s Cheese Co. where they’re known for their wine selection. Lastly, you have the dessert menu: Sweet Indulgences, Greenport Creamery, and The Blue Duck Bakery Cafe are just a few of the places where you could satisfy your sweet tooth.

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